Bishopstown Credit Union Current Account

Our new Bishopstown Credit Union Current Account gives you a real choice for your day-to-day financial needs. The benefits include:

✓ Globally accepted Mastercard® Debit Card

✓ Transparent Fees

✓ Use in-store, online or at ATMs

✓ Same friendly service from your local credit union


  • Easy to sign up
  • Same friendly service
  • Globally accepted Mastercard® Debit Card
  • Use in-store, online or at ATMs
  • Cashback available at participating retailers
  • Contactless payment
  • Transparent Fees
  • Automate regular payments using Standing Orders & Direct Debits
  • Stay in control with our Mobile web App, eStatements and eFee Advices
  • Secure online shopping
  • 24/7 support for lost/stolen debit card

You can now use Apple, Google and Fitbit pay to make contactless payments wherever you see the contactless payment mark.  Available now with your Current Account Debit Card from Bishopstown Credit Union! Click the links below to find out how to set this up on your device:

Apple Pay

Google Pay

Fitbit Pay

Whether it’s in a really safe place? or simply gone AWOL, the first step is to report your Debit Card lost or stolen. Follow these simple steps to do this:

How do I report my Current Account Debit Card lost or stolen?

  • Report your Current Account Debit Card lost or stolen by calling the Customer Services Team who are available for fraud support 24/7 on +353 (1) 693 3333
  • You can also report your Current Account Debit Card lost or stolen by calling us on  where we’ll be happy to get things sorted for you.

You can suspend your Debit Card online

Once registered to use online, you can simply log in and suspend your own Debit Card if you have temporarily lost the card or are suspicious of transactions relating to your Debit Card Activity

What happens next?

As soon as you believe your Debit Card has been lost or stolen or notice unusual account activity relating to your Debit Card, please contact us immediately on +353 (1) 693 3333

We will cancel your card as soon as you tell us it’s missing and will get a new card issued to your address (the one we have on file for you) in 5-7 business days.

How can I request a refund on my Debit Card?

Members will have 120 days to dispute a transaction on their Debit Card for the following reasons:

  • Duplicated transaction
  • Goods not received
  • Cancelled subscription not actioned
  • Received goods not as described
  • Refund not processed after 30 days
  • Transaction not recognised
  • Free Trials
  • Car Rentals

If you have identified a transaction that you are suspicious of on your Debit Card, you must contact your Credit Union or Credit Union Card Services team immediately on +353 1 6933333

A disputed transaction request initiates a ‘chargeback’ which alerts a request to the merchant to reverse the transaction on a Debit Card.

Members must complete and return a ‘Disputed Transaction’ form along with copies of any:

  • Detailed cover letter advising the nature of the dispute
  • Proof of purchase
  • Evidence of the transaction
  • Interactions with the company (emails/letters)

To be returned to their Credit Union to complete a ‘chargeback’ request.

Fraud on Financial transactions is regularly reported in the News with Fraudsters becoming more sophisticated each day and producing frauds based on current topical news items. We need to do more to protect ourselves from becoming victims of fraud. While most financial frauds still use phone, texts and emails to commit the crime, fraudsters are using technology and publicly available information to trick people. As a valued member of our Bishopstown Union, we hope this guide will help you to become more fraud aware.

Click here for a guide on how to protect you and your current account from fraud.

Report any unusual activity to Bishopstown Credit Union at 021 4800010 or to Credit Union Card Services on 01 693 3333 available 24/7.

When you use your Debit Card for purchases in foreign currency or ATM withdrawals in foreign currency, these transaction will attract additional fees and charges that are charged to your Current Account as they occur, typically on the date the transaction is posted to your Current Account.

Mastercard foreign exchange rates will also apply and are subject to change.

This currency conversion calculator allows you to see the foreign exchange rates set by Mastercard to convert from the transaction currency as well as the European Central Bank's euro foreign exchange reference rates for the EEA country currencies and the fees and charges that apply.

Click here to calculate your currency conversion



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Bishopstown Credit Union members can apply for our current account instantly by logging onto their cuOnline Plus account. If you are not a member, you can apply for membership online and apply for a current account once joined.

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