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View statements through your online portal

Lodge into Credit Union using Debit Card

Lodge funds to your savings, loan or current account online

Transfer Money between Credit Union Accounts

Transfer money between any of your accounts through your online portal

Transfer Money to Bank Accounts

Easy to set-up transfers to any Eurozone bank account

Pay Bills from Credit Union Accounts

Set up regular payments for any utility bills you may have

Pay Regular Standing Orders

Set up standing orders to any bank account in three easy steps

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No need to call into branch - you can now collect your loan online

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With Online Access You Can

You can now access your statements instantly, wherever you are. To access your statements:

  1. Click Accounts from the main menu
  2. Select the account you would like to view
  3. Scroll down to see your Transaction History
  4. From here, you can choose the dates you would like your statement to cover
  5. Once dates are selected, you can now download your statement to your device
  6. This statement can now be saved to your device, sent via email, or printed

  1. From the main menu on the left of your screen, click Lodgements → Make Debit Card Payment
  2. On this page, you can save your Debit Card onto your Online Account through clicking Add Card
  3. Once you have added your card, you can make a payment at any time by selecting Make Card Lodgement
  4. You can create both Regular and Once-off Debit Card Payments from here
  5. Enter your Password you use for logging into your Online Banking
  6. You can lodge to both your accounts and your loans from this screen

NB. Please ensure you have the account you are looking to lodge to highlighted before processing the payment

You can transfer funds between your credit union accounts any time by using the Quick Transfer option.

Select the account you wish to transfer From, the account you wish to transfer To, and the Amount you would like to transfer. Enter your Password you use for logging in.

You have now successfully transferred between your accounts.

You can also transfer money to Euro bank accounts through your online banking.

  1. From the main menu, click Payments → Create Payee
  2. This will bring you to Step 1 of 3. Read the information displayed and click Next
  3. On Step 2 of 3, enter the following details:
  • Payee Name (how it will appear on your Online Account going forward)
  • Account Name
  • Payment Reference (what will show on the bank side)
  • IBAN of bank account you are transferring to
  • BIC (this will fill automatically for Irish bank accounts)
  1. Enter your password you use for logging into your Online Banking

You have now saved this bank account to your online account. You can now transfer funds to this bank account by clicking Make a Payment and selecting External Payment. Select the amount and the date you would like the transfer to happen. Enter your password. You have now successfully transferred money to a bank account.

NB. It may take a working day for the money to show on the bank side

You can pay your bills through your Online Account, from the comfort of your own home.

To create a Bill Payment, you will need the IBAN & BIC of the receiver.

The method of setting up a Bill Payment is the same as a Transfer to a Bank Account. However, ensure you select Regular Payment rather than Once-Off Payment. This will give you the option of selecting how often you would like to pay your bill (i.e. weekly, fortnightly, monthly) and the date you would like the payment to commence.

A Standing Order is a regular transfer to a bank account from your credit union account.

This is done using the same method as Transfer Money to Bank Accounts. Ensure you select Regular Payment rather than Once-Off Payment. This will give you the option of selecting how often you would like to the transfer to occur (i.e. weekly, fortnightly, monthly) and the date you would like the payment to commence.

  1. From the main menu, click Loans → Loan Application
  2. Fill in the Online Application and click proceed
  3. You will be required to upload a minimum of the following documentation:
  • Employed: 2 recent payslips/ Self Employed: Chapter 11 Revenue Return
  • 3 Months Bank Statements from your main working current account
  • Proof of ID (Passport/ Driving Licence)

NB. You may have to provide other documents as required by the loans team

  1. Notify a member of our Loans Team that you wish to collect your loan online
  2. A member of our Loans Team will send you your credit agreement via the online portal
  3. From the main menu of your online area, select Documents → Documents to sign
  4. Click sign - If you have Facial Recognition, this will suffice as a signature. If you do not have Facial Recognition, you must enter your Password & request a One-Time Passcode.

NB. All digital forms are required to be signed before 4:30pm on the day of collection

Access your account easily on your phone, tablet or mobile device.  The app is available on the Apple App and Google Play Stores, just search for “Bishopstown Credit Union”.

How To Register

1. Visit
2. Click Register (desktop) or Online Banking (mobile) at the top right corner of our home page
3. Create your username
4. Fill in your details on the online form
5. Take note of your username & password
6. You will receive your once off 8-digit PIN by text - You will only require this for your first time logging in

How To Log In

1. Go to our home page
2. Choose Log In at the top right corner of the page
3. Enter your USERNAME and click Log In
4. Next you enter your PASSWORD. You created this when you registered. (NB this is NOT your PIN – which is the 8-digit number you received by text)
5. Generate 4-Digit ONE TIME PASSCODE (OTP) – you will receive a secure message to your mobile phone. This can take up to 30 seconds
6. The 4-digit number within the text must be entered at this point
7. Click “I approve this transaction”
At this point, are now logged into your Online Banking area
8. Enter activation PIN – which is the 8-digit number you got by text
9. Click Submit.
You will now be asked to create a Memorable Word, e.g., mother’s maiden name, first pet’s name, etc.

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Download our mobile app today from the App Store or the Play Store.

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Protection of your personal data using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption – Industry wide strong level of encryption.
Secure sign-in – Three tiered login – for additional levels of access and security.
8-digit PIN and Password – as per industry best practice guidelines (upgrade from 4 digit pin).
Firewall protection – to stop unauthorised access and protect the information on your systems.
Time-out facility – which automatically signs you out after a period of inactivity (to continue banking online, simply sign in again).
Secure Messaging – all account specific member communication is sent through a secure channel in CUonline.
PINs issued by secure pin mailer.

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