Our History

1967 – Bishopstown Credit Union Founded

Bishopstown Credit Union was founded by a local study group who were looking into the feasibility of opening a Credit Union. The first office was located in the “Crypt”, Church of the Decent of the Holy Ghost, Wilton.

1969 – Became a Limited Company

In 1969 in compliance with the Credit Union Act, Bishopstown Credit Union was formed into a limited company and became Bishopstown Credit Union Ltd.

1974 – New Office on Wilton Road

In 1974 the new office on Wilton Road was built at a cost of £23,000 and officially opened Saturday 21st September by Mr. T Ó Murchú, Chairman of Cork Chapter of Credit Unions.

1983 – 1988 – Sub Office

On 8th January 1983 a sub office was opened in the meeting room of the Church of the Real Presence, Curraheen Road. This sub office was later moved to a pre-fab in Scoil and Spioraid Naoimh, Curraheen Road. In 1988 it was decided by the Board that they would acquire a site at the junction of Ashgrove Park and  Curraheen Road when available

1989-1990 – Opening of Curraheen Road Branch

Construction on the building in Curraheen Road finished in mid 1989 and the branch was opened for business on 26th October 1989. Transactions went from 10,040 in 1989 to 33,961 in 1990 with the opening of the new building.

1996-1997 – Construction & Opening of New Wilton Road Branch

The old Wilton Road branch was demolished, the site was excavated and a brand new office was developed on the site during 1996 & 1997. In 1996 whilst the new site was being developed, the Wilton office transferred to a unit in Wilton Shopping Centre. In mid 1997 the Wilton Road branch was completed and the branch was officially opened to opened to the public on 21st July.

2010 – 2023 Opening of the new Wilton Shopping Centre Branch

In 2010, our branch in the Wilton Shopping Centre flooded and Bishopstown Credit Union moved to a new premises within the centre. We remained in this new premises until September 2023.

2020 – Opening of New Curraheen Road Head Office

In 2011 Bishopstown Credit Union bought the former Viscount bar on the Curraheen Road. In early 2020 the building works were completed and in April 2020, the staff relocated to the new Bishopstown Credit Union Head office on Curraheen Road. The Curraheen Road Head Office was opened to the public in June 2020. The building was officially opened by the President of the Irish League of Credit Unions in September 2021.

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