A Credit Union Account is for Life

Opening a children’s savings account is one the most important things a parent can do. Opening a children’s saving account with Bishopstown Credit Union can:

✓ Help contribute to your child’s future

✓ Teach them the importance of planning, budgeting and money management skills

✓ Give them vital building blocks needed throughout their lives

Opening a savings account with Bishopstown Credit Union means they learn to manage their finances and build up a good savings history which is important for long-term milestones, from a student loan to their first car loan and beyond.


  • Junior savings accounts can be opened for children  0-16 years old (16+ would be considered an adult account).
  • The account can be opened from the comfort of your own home using our New Member Onboarding.
  • The account must be opened by a parent or legal guardian of the child.
  • The parent or guardian does not need to be an existing member of Bishopstown Credit Union.

  • A Junior Savers account with Bishopstown Credit Union teaches children healthy saving habits.
  • It encourages financial independence for the child as they get older.
  • Great way to plan for their future – whether it’s for college, their first car or for travelling.
  • Once they turn 12 years old, they are eligible to open a Bishopstown Credit Union Current Account. Our Current Account offers free day-to-day banking until their 26th birthday.

We now provide a Current Account and Debit Card for juvenile members aged 12+. The benefits include:

✓ Free banking until 26th birthday

✓ Globally accepted Mastercard® Debit Card

✓ Contactless payment

✓ Online banking where juvenile can check balance

✓ 24/7 support for lost/stolen debit card

How to Apply:

Existing juvenile members must set up online banking to apply for the Current Account. These members will receive juvenile online banking, where they will be able to view balances but are unable to complete transfers. From here, the member can apply through clicking the 'Apply For Current Account' button on their home screen.

New juvenile members can apply for the Current Account at the same time they are applying for Bishopstown Credit Union membership. Apply for membership by clicking here.

Bishopstown Credit Union launched our 'Buddy's Junior Saver' scheme for the school year '22/23. The scheme will run in 8 national schools located in our common bond:

  • Ballyheada National School
  • Gaelscoil Uí Riada
  • Goggins Hill National School
  • Scoil Baile Nora
  • Scoil an Spioraid Naoimh Boys
  • Scoil an Spioraid Naoimh Cailín
  • St Catherine's National School
  • St Gabriel's Special School

NB. Any pupil that has an existing account with Bishopstown Credit Union does not need to open an account online. Instead, the parent/guardian should email our online team: online@bishopstowncu.ie outlining the child's name, address, date of birth and school name and request their child's participation in the School Saving Scheme. Your child will receive a separate savings account, and will be given their Buddy booklet on the next visit to the school.


The Buddy Junior Saver scheme is run from within the school and is open for business one day per week. Pupil's are issued a Buddy booklet in their own name. A maximum lodgement of €20 is accepted per week. No withdrawals are allowed in the schools, pupils and their parent/legal guardian who opened their account online must present themselves to one of our two offices to withdraw.


  • All junior account will have to be opened by a parent/guardian online.
  • Once the account is open your child will receive a Buddy booklet on the next visit by BCU personnel to the school

Family members of any Buddy Junior Saver also qualify to join Bishopstown Credit Union. Please contact online@bishopstowncu.ie for more details or apply online here.

All Buddy Saver Account must be opened by the child's parent/guardian online.

Getting Started

A. Click here to begin the Onboarding process.

B. Click Allow asked to give permission for camera access. You will need the camera later in the application.

Completing the Application:

Step 1

Compulsory field's to be completed on behalf of the child:

  • Name
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Residential Status
  • Address (including Eircode)

Required Documents to be Uploaded:

  1. Photo ID for the Parent/Guardian (Valid Passport or Driver's License)
  2. Proof of Address for the Parent/Guardian (e.g. Bank statement, utility bill or official letter dated within the last 6 months)
  3. ID for Minor (Birth Certificate for child)
  4. Photo ID for the Child (Valid Passport - Optional)
  5. Proof of PPSN for the Minor (e.g. European Health Insurance Card, Government/Welfare Letter, HSE Card, etc.)

Step 2 - Please input your child's PPSN

Step 3 - Facial Recognition

In this step, the parent/guardian is required to take a snapshot image of themselves. To complete this step, click browse and take photo.

Step 4 - Terms & Conditions

Agree to the terms and conditions of becoming a member and confirm that you have read the information sheet on the Deposit Guarantee Scheme. The parent/guardian will then need to answer 3 questions on behalf of the child.

Question 1 - Beneficial Owner - This must be answered yes as the child is the beneficial owner of the account. If you answer no the application will be rejected.

Question 2 - Politically Exposed Person - A "PEP" is a person who in the previous year held a prominent public function (e.g., Government Minister, Council member, etc.) or is a member of the PEP's immediate family or a known close associate. A PEP could include a non-Republic of Ireland resident.

Question 3 - E-statements - This question can be answered YES or NO.

Please note that a Junior member (0-11 years inclusive) cannot have online access so please do not tick this box.

Step 5 - Review and Submit

Please review the details you have entered and if they are correct and you wish to proceed, click Submit. A member of the Online Team will then review the application. We will issue a welcome letter to the email address provided along with a book detailing the new Junior members account number.


If you're unsure or have a question about the above steps, please contact our online team.

By phone: 021 4800010

By email: click here

For your child to open this account we require the following documentation for the child and parent/guardian.


Proof of Identity: The child's birth certificate or proof of guardianship.

The PPSN of the child- Letter from the social welfare/ medical card.


Current valid proof of identity: Passport or drivers license

Current Proof of address: Bank statement or utility bill dated within the last 6 months.

If you are under 16 years of age we need to make sure your parent or guardian are happy for you to have a Current Account /Debit Card.  The documentation required to open an account is:


Proof of Identity: The child's birth certificate or proof of guardianship.

The PPSN of the child- Letter from the social welfare/ medical card.


Current valid proof of identity: Passport or drivers license

Current Proof of address: Bank statement or utility bill dated within the last 6 months.

Letter of consent: A parent or guardian must sign the relevant consent form to give the teen permission to operate the Current Account/ Debit Card account which will be in the child's sole name.

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How To Apply

You can open a Juvenile Savers Account online today. Alternatively, you can make an appointment to join in-branch.

If you would like more information please contact us today.

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